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Vastu Introduction

The Vastu Shastra is the ancient Vedic science of architecture. Vastu is concerned with the study of the effect of the Pancha Mahabhootas or the five elements viz., earth, water, fire, air and ether or cosmic space on any man made constructions. The mention of Vastu Shastra dates back to the pre-Ramayana and the Mahabharata periods and even in various mythological texts. Vishvakarma and Maya Danav were said to be the Celestial Architects of gods and demons respectively. Our ancient texts states that not only individual buildings but the entire cities were constructed on guidelines and principles of Vastu Shastra.
In any plot of Earth, various energies, both positive and negative are at play continuously. These energy fields get affected and distorted when any structure or building is constructed. Our ancient Vastu seers, after great contemplation and experimentation, arrived at a certain way of building so that these buildings worked with the forces of nature rather than against them, in the process making man a compatible part of the area/environment. Hence, these seers felt that it was all the more necessary to build a house such that the two energy levels, one of the animate and the other of the inanimate, worked in harmony and resonance. This way, the ancients tried to ensure the happiness of the residents of the buildings.
The Vastu principles and guidelines actually starts from purchasing a land for construction of any building, be it a house, office, shop, factory, school, religious place etc. Vastu takes into account the shape of land, its surrounding environment, soil etc. But in modern times most people just have to buy readymade flats or apartments and thus the scope of Vastu principles gets limited to interior of the flat. Several of our miseries and misfortunes can be attributed to Vastu Dosha or violating Vastu principles at our home, office, shop etc.

  • One may be very deserving and qualified but is not getting deserved success.
  • Having a stressful relation with wife, husband, children, parents or siblings.
  • Children not able to concentrate on studies.
  • Health of self or family members getting affected regularly.

Using the principles of Vastu on our dwellings will help us to live in harmony with the forces of nature by utilizing them in our favor. We can surely minimize frustration, stressful relationships, bad luck, ill health, financial problems etc.





Presiding Deity


Ruling Planet

Best Suitable For


Prosperity and happiness, wealth and career.

Lord of Wealth



Treasury, Study, Main entrance.


Knowledge, spiritual wealth, power & health.

Supreme Lord



Temple & Open Space.


Affluence, fulfillment, prospreity.

King of Gods



Main entrance.


Health, womenís issues and source of heat.

Lord of Fire





Problems, suffering, legal affairs and struggle.

Lord of Death





Fame, income, longevity, source of character.

Lord of dissolution



Master Bedroom.


Poverty, lack of vitality and creativity. Varun
God of Water
Air Saturn Living room


Communication, social life, source of change. Vayu
God of Air
Air Moon Guest bedroom, Bathroom


Balance, creativity & spiritual growth. Brahma
The Creator
Space Sun Open space


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