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Tarot Introduction » The Minor Arcana Suit of Swords

The Minor Arcana Suit of Swords Description Interpretation Reversed
Ace of Swords: Again we see a hand issuing from a cloud, this one grasping a sword, the point of which is encircled by a crown. Olive and laurel branches hang from the crown. Tongues of flame signify the descent of the spirit. Great force in love as well as in hatred; excessive degree in everything; conquest and activity; triumph of power. May also mean fertility. Too much power may lead to obstacles, disaster, tyranny.
Two of Swords: A blindfolded woman balances two swords upon her shoulders. She sits on a bench with her back to the sea. The crescent moon looks down upon her. Balanced forces, stalemate, indecision, impotence, a temporary truce in family quarrels. Release, movement of affairs, sometimes in the wrong direction. Caution against dealings with rogues.
Three of Swords: A heart pierced by three swords. Rain and clouds in the background. A depiction of stormy weather. Sorrow, tears, separation, delay. For a woman, the possible flight of her lover. A meeting with one whom the subject has compromised. Disorder, confusion. Care should be taken against possible loss.
Four of Swords: The effigy of a knight lies at full length upon his tomb, in an attitude of prayer. One sword lies beside his tomb, while three hang over him. Rest from strife; retreat; solitude. Hermit's repose; convalescence after illness; exile. Not a card of death. Activity, social unrest, qualified success. Use precaution, economy and circumspection.
Five of Swords: A man looks scornfully at two dejected figures, whose swords lie upon the ground. He carries two swords on his left shoulder, and a third sword, in his right hand, points to the earth. Storm clouds fill the sky. Conquest over others through physical strength. May betoken a threat to the subject of the reading. Weakness, chance of loss and defeat. Stormy weather ahead.
Six of Swords: A ferryman carries passengers in his boat to the opposite shore. The waters are smooth; the swords do not seem to weigh the boat down. Passage away from difficulties; journey by water; success after anxiety; sending someone to represent you in an undertaking. Unfavorable issue of an affair. No immediate way out of present difficulties. A stalemate.
Seven of Swords: A man is shown escaping with five swords, with two still remaining stuck in the ground. A nearby military camp is depicted. Unstable effort, partial success. Uncertainty; a plan that may fail. The seeker finds someone trying to make away with that which is not his. Good advice, counsel, instruction.
Eight of Swords: A bound woman standing in a watery waste is surrounded by swords. She is blindfolded. Behind her on a high crag stands a castle. The seeker does not know which way to move in a situation. Bondage, crises, waste of energy in trivial detail, censure. Freedom, relaxation from fear. New beginnings now possible.
Nine of Swords: A woman sits grieving on her couch while nine swords hang over her. This is the very depth of sorrow. Inability to make a choice in an important matter. Doubt and desolation, failure, delay, misery, suffering. May mean death of a loved one. Imprisonment, suspicion, doubt, shame.
Ten of Swords: Notice that in the other cards of this suit the swords merely surround the person, while here they actually pierce him. It is a scene of desolation, sorrow, and defeat. Tens of each suit are always the epitomes of the suits' meaning. Misfortune, burdens to bear. May mean ruin, pain, utter defeat. Perhaps the death of a loved one. Advantage, profit, power—but none of these are permanent. Courage to rise again, overthrow of adverse forces. In spiritual matters the suggestion is to look to a higher power for help.
Page of Swords: A lithe young figure—either young man or maiden—holds a sword in both hands while walking over rugged land. Wild clouds are gathered about him. He looks around as if expecting an enemy. An active, dark-haired, brown-eyed boy or girl. Betokens vigilance, scrutiny, spying for either good or evil. Unprepared state; unforeseen events; may possibly mean illness; imposter likely to be defeated.
Knight of Swords: A knight rides recklessly, at full speed, scattering his enemies. He symbolizes Galahad, the typical hero of romantic chivalry. A dark-haired, brown-eyed young man strong and domineering, typifying skill and bravery. Someone about to rush headlong into the life of the seeker. The card may stand for skill, bravery, defense or war, conflict, and destruction. The cards on either side of this one in the layout should give an indication of the good or destructive influence to come. Incapacity, extravagance, braggadocio.
Queen of Swords: A queen seated on a throne looks out over a cloud-filled landscape. Her right hand raises a sword whose hilt rests on the arm of her throne. She looks sorrowful and grave. A dark-haired, brown-eyed woman, subtle, keen and quick-witted. May signify widowhood, sterility, privation, separation, acquaintance with sadness. The sword of spirit penetrating matter and informing it. A woman of artifice, prudery. May betoken narrow-mindedness, intolerance, bigotry.
King of Swords: A stern king, his sword unsheathed, sits in judgment. Behind him on a banner are the butterflies of soul. They are also found on the queen's throne. The cypress trees of Venus stand out against a stormy sky. A man with dark brown hair and brown eyes, he has the power of life and death. It may betoken a wise man, a counselor full of helpful ideas; whatever rises from authority, military, and government concerns, law, judgment. A man who can be cruel, barbarous, unjust. Caution in matters that may result in a ruinous lawsuit.

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