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Tarot Consultation

Do you have a question or any pressing issue to ask about? Please do not hesitate and hold youself back. All Tarot readings are held ensuring complete privacy. Tarot Master Sanjay Sharma practices total professional ethics and confidentiality, so anything you say will always remain in complete confidence. You will have the full attention of the Tarot Master who is warm, compassionate, understanding and non-judgmental.
You may come with a particular question in mind. If so, you are requested to tell this at the beginning, so my reading can focus on your chosen issue. Alternatively, you may opt for a general reading. The spread of the Tarot cards and the reading will generally show the events and opportunities arising over the next three to six months, sometimes extending for up to a year.

  1. Sometimes it is a particular dilemma, or the sense of being at a crossroads in life.
  2. Sometimes it is a feeling that things need to be examined afresh.
  3. Sometimes it is because people feel weighed down.
  4. Sometimes it is just a reading out of sheer curiosity.

  1. Career and profession.
  2. Matters of love.
  3. Family or in-laws relationships.
  4. Marriage and relationships.
  5. Office politics
  6. Relocation and moving house.
  7. Health issues.
  8. Reassessing business partnerships.
  9. Examining choices and options.
  10. Opting for and building a spiritual life.

You can get your Tarot readings online through email. Just ask your question and I will focus on your concerns and will pull out the cards on your behalf. You will get a reading with names of the Tarot cards that appeared, their meaning and answer to your question in detailed.



Direct Consultation

To fix an appointment :
Call: 9331051129 / 033 65011517 Or
Visit: Astro Home 51B, Lake Place, Kol- 29

Fees: Rs.200

Online Consultation

Send your Question at astrohome@astrohome.in
For various payment options Click Here Or
Call: 9331051129 / 033 65551060

Fee: Rs.300


For description and significance about each Tarot Card please visit pages below.

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I donít think there are enough words to describe your capabilities Mr. Sharma as a Tarot cared reader. Everything that you had said to me during the reading is exactly happening in my life.

Dipankar, Golf Green, Kolkata.
I never could have imagined about using a Tarot card reader's help to improve my business prospects. But you Mr. Sharma came highly recommended so I had to visit you and I am so glad I did.

Sohini, Jadavpur, Kolakta.
I did neither know much nor I believed in Tarot, but still my friend forced me to visit you. However, when I finally did get a reading, I realized that the beauty of Tarot, it was very helpful and practical.

Reshmi, Chetla, Kolkata.