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Tarot Introduction » The Minor Arcana Suit of Pentacles

The Minor Arcana Suit of Pentacles Description Interpretation Reversed
Ace of Pentacles: The familiar symbol of a hand issuing forth from a cloud here holds the pentacle, while lilies grow in the garden below. Perfect attainment Ecstasy, felicity, bliss. Gold, prosperity, wealth. Corruption of character by surplus wealth; the evil side of riches.
Two of Pentacles: A young man is dancing, with a pentacle in either hand. The pentacles are joined by an endless cord, which is like the number eight. Ships ride the high waves behind him. Harmony in the midst of change; agility in handling situations. New projects are difficult to launch. Simulated enjoyment and forced gayety. Inability to handle two situations at once that are in opposition. Messages in writing, letters of exchange.
Three of Pentacles: A sculptor is shown working in a monastery. This card should be compared with the Eight of Pentacles, where the worker was an apprentice. Here he has received his reward and is a mature artist. Skill and mastery in trade, art and labor. Sometimes means nobility, aristocracy, renown and glory. Card of construction, material increase. Mediocrity in workmanship, commonplace ideals, pettiness, weakness.
Four of Pentacles: A crowned figure has a pentacle over his crown, two under his feet, while he clasps another with his hands and arms. He holds on firmly to what he has. Clinging to material possessions. Love of earthly power. May indicate a miserly, ungenerous character. Possibility of inheritance, gifts, legacy. Setbacks in material aspirations, chance of loss of earthly possessions. Obstacles, delay, opposition.
Five of Pentacles: A destitute couple pass under a lighted window. The unfortunates in outer darkness have not yet realized the inner light. Note that the Fives of each suit are negative cards. Material trouble, loneliness, destitution, spiritual impoverishment. Could mean unemployment, loss of home. Dark night of the soul. Money regained, new employment, good companionship, new interest in business or spiritual matters.
Six of Pentacles: A merchant weighs money in the scales and distributes it to the needy. He shares his plentiful riches with others, out of the goodness of his heart and a sense of justice. Philanthropy, charity, gifts. Alms dispensed with justice. Present prosperity shared with others. Unfairness in business. Cause for envy, avarice, bad debt.
Seven of Pentacles: A strong young farmer leans on his hoe as he watches his crops growing. Is he indolent or just contemplative? Pause during the development of an enterprise. Possibly a stalemate with more energy needed before it can proceed. Growth or material possessions without effort. Cause for anxiety over money. Little gain after much work. Unprofitable speculations.
Eight of Pentacles: An artisan at his work, which he exhibits as trophies in the form of pentacles. Apprenticeship. Skill in material affairs, craftsmanship, skill in both handiwork and business—sometimes merely in the preparatory stage. Employment or commission to come. Voided ambition, unethical application of skill.
Nine of Pentacles: A mature, well-dressed woman stands in her vineyard. There is a manor house in the background. The falcon on her wrist indicates her thoughts are as well controlled as the bird. Material well-being, accomplishment, prudence, safety. There may be an inheritance from this woman or, if she seems to be the seeker, she will receive more wealth. Wisdom. A life well organized. Roguery, dissipation, voided project, bad faith. Possible loss of home or friendship.
Ten of Pentacles: A patriarch rests at ease in the foreground, surrounded by his family and dogs. An archway emblazoned with his coat of arms opens onto an impressive house. An established family of material prosperity and lineage. Gain, riches, family matters, inheritance. May refer to money spent on a house or business property. Chance of loss of inheritance. Family misfortune or loss of family honor. Robbery, gambling. Caution against getting involved in project that may be a poor risk.
Page of Pentacles: The page is a youthful figure representing either a young man or maiden. He seems to be moving slowly, not seeing what is about him but staring fixedly at the pentacle in his raised hands. A dark-haired, black-eyed boy or girl, careful and diligent. May be a bringer of messages. Reflection, scholarship, respect for learning, new opinions and ideas. Dissipation, luxury, prodigality. The seeker is surrounded by those with ideas in opposition to his own. Unfavorable news.
Knight of Pentacles: A knight rides a heavily caparisoned horse through a freshly plowed field. He balances the pentacle symbol carefully, as if he were displaying it but not really looking at it. A black-haired, black-eyed young man, materialistic, methodical. Card betokens utility, serviceableness, patience, laborious toil, responsibility. May represent the coming or going of a matter. Inertia, idleness, stagnation. A young man of careless habit.
Queen of Pentacles: A queen sits on her throne, which is covered with symbols of fruitfulness—cupids, goats, ripe fruit. A rabbit is in the foreground and a bower of roses is above her. She contemplates a pentacle which she holds in her lap. A woman with black hair and black eyes. She is intelligent and thoughtful, a creator on the physical plane. She uses her talents well. Generosity, opulence, security, freedom from material lack. Duties neglected, dependence on others. Suspicion, fear of failure and lack. Mistrust of those close to the seeker.
King of Pentacles: A king sits on his throne, his robe emblazoned with many symbols of fruitfulness; his hand rests on the symbol of the pentacle. His castle appears in the background. The heads of bulls are shown behind him. This is a black-haired, dark-eyed man, generally married. He may be a chief of industry. He is noted for his intelligence and character. Valor, reliability, mathematical gifts and success. Perverse use of talents. Caution against association with gamblers and speculators.

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