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Tarot Introduction » The Minor Arcana Suit of Cups

The Minor Arcana Suit of Cups Description Interpretation Reversed
Ace of Cups: A hand reaches out from a cloud holding a cup from which five streams of water fall into the lake, which is a symbol of the subconscious mind. A dove holds a wafer marked with a cross as the dew of Spirit descends onto the water lilies symbolizing eternal life. When you keep your mind filled with the Spirit it will fill your material cup to overflowing. Abundance in all things. Love, joy, fertility. Nourishment from spiritual sources. Hesitancy to nurture love, instability. The good beginning is cut short. Materiality.
Two of Cups: As a young man and maiden pledge their troth, above their cups the Caduceus of Hermes rises. A lion's head appears between the wings. The beginning of a love affair or a spiritual union. Cooperation, partnership, balance of ideals, and plans with a kindred soul. Harmony between the masculine and feminine halves of our own nature. Misunderstandings, possibility of broken plans or engagement. Parting of the ways. Passion that is too violent.
Three of Cups: Three maidens in flowing robes raise high their cups in a place of flowering fruits and foliage. They are pledging friendship. Conclusion of a matter in plenty, perfection and gayety. Happy issue, victory, liberality, abundance. A healing to come. Excess of physical enjoyment and pleasure in the senses.
Four of Cups: Seated under a tree, a young man contemplates three cups on the grass before him. Out of a cloud in the sky comes a hand offering him another cup. He is nevertheless discontented. Discontent with environment, but hesitancy to embark on a new venture. Contemplation, dissatisfaction with material success, re-evaluation of one's earthly pleasures. New instructions, new relationships, novelty.
Five of Cups: A mysterious figure in a dark cloak looks at three fallen cups, while two others stand upright behind him. In the background, a bridge leads to a small castle. Vain regret, loss, bat with something left over. Inheritance, patrimony, but not up to one's expectations. Can mean marriage, but may carry with it bitterness and frustration. Rejection of pleasure. Hopeful expectations, a new alliance, return of an old friend.
Six of Cups: In a village green a boy offers a girl a cup of flowers. The manor house in the background suggests home and happy childhood memories. The other five flower-filled cups suggest beauty and abundance. A card of the past and memories. Looking back on childhood things that have vanished. It may be the beginning of new relationships, new knowledge, new environment, or a meeting. Living in the past, clinging to outworn symbols and associations. Possibility of an inheritance, or a gift from the past.
Seven of Cups: Fantastic visions rise out of the cups—wreaths, jewels, snakes and towers—all resting on clouds. A man garbed in black contemplates the strange prodigies. The seeker has had too many different ideas and desires, all in the realm of the imagination; great dreams; castles in the air. Some attainment but nothing substantial as yet, his forces have been scattered. Good use of determination and will; a project about to be realized.
Eight of Cups: A man with a staff walks away from the cups of his previous happiness. Streams, mountains and rocks lie before him. The moon turns an inscrutable face on him. The rejection and decline of an undertaking; abandoning the present situation; the matter may be of slight consequence for good or evil. May indicate disappointment in love. The subject may desire to leave material success for something higher. Joy, feasting, merriment. The spiritual aspect is abandoned for the material.
Nine of Cups: This is the wish card. If it comes up in a spread, a wish may be made. The picture here is of a well-fed, well-satisfied man, perhaps a rich merchant (or woman of property) who has arranged his wealth in an ordered fashion. Material success, assured future, physical satisfaction for the subject of the reading. Victory, well-being, robust physical health. Mistakes, imperfections in present plans, overindulgence in food and drink.
Ten of Cups: Ten cups are shown in a rainbow. A man and woman below, evidently husband and wife, look upon the vision in wonder and worship. Two children are dancing near them. Happy family life, true friendship, lasting success, happiness to come. Attainment of the heart's desires. Loss of friendship, betrayal, chances of a family quarrel.
Page of Cups: A handsome young man is shown as he contemplates a fish rising from the cup. The fish symbolizes pictures in the imagination taking form. In the background is the sea. A young man or girl with light brown hair and hazel eyes. Studious, thoughtful, with an active imagination. Willing to render service to the seeker. Can mean news, a message, the birth of a child; in business, new methods proposed. Obstacles, deception may soon be uncovered. Water in some form always indicates the subconscious mind. Here it is also the creator of new ideas and plans concerning love in one of its many aspects.
Knight of Cups: A knight riding quietly and wearing a winged helmet, symbol of imagination. He is contemplative, not warlike; he bears his cup firmly as the horse prepares to cross the stream and approach the distant peaks. A young man with light brown hair and hazel eyes, of high intelligence and romantic dreams. Love may come from him to the subject of the reading. He may also be the bearer of messages. May indicate advances, a proposition or an invitation. Propositions should be carefully looked into. There may be subtlety, fraud, trickery, rivalry.
Queen of Cups: A queen sits on her throne contemplating an ornate, closed cup, signifying that what it contains of dreams and desires is not to be told abroad. Her throne is surrounded by the waters of the subconscious and is decorated with water nymphs. This is a woman with light brown hair and hazel eyes. She is the beloved, the good wife and mother. She has the gift of vision, is poetic and imaginative. She dreams, but also acts out her dreams. Love, happy marriage, vision. May be a good woman in some ways but is sometimes perverse. May indicate dishonesty, immorality.
King of Cups: A king is shown with a scepter in his left hand and a large cup in his right His throne rests upon the sea; a ship is seen at one side and a dolphin rises at the other. This represents a man with light brown hair and hazel eyes. He is a man of business, law, or divinity. He may be a bachelor. Friendly, of creative intelligence in the arts and sciences. He is disposed in favor of the subject of the reading. Kindness, liberality, generosity. Man of violent, artistic temperament; could be dishonest, double-dealing. Can indicate considerable loss, scandal, injustice.

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