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Detailed Horoscope Reading

This is the most exhaustive consultancy based on Vedic astrology. It will give you a complete insight on your life pattern. It includes a complete analysis of your all-major areas of life including career, love, marriage, money, health, children, property, travel, longevity, future predictions etc. plus Answers to your personal questions.
This DETAILED HOROSCOPE READING will give you an insight into your present and will enable you to look into your future and we will try to ensure your future happiness & prosperity remains stable and long lasting by guiding you in the most simple and scientific manner.


  • Your Horoscope and Planetary Positions.
  • Operating Major Dasha and Antar Dasha (Planetary Periods).
  • Analysis of Planets and Houses in your Horoscope.
  • Health indications including specific problems & diseases.
  • Educational Prospects and successful periods (if applicable).
  • Career/Business: Right choices of Business or Job and successful periods.
  • Love, Relationships, Marriage and Married Life Predictions.
  • Vedic Astrological Remedies: To minimizing or destroying negative planetary effects.
  • Predictions for the Future.

* This service can be availed only through direct consultation.
* Duration of this astrology consultancy will be around one hour.
* You can ask any number of questions at this consultancy.
* Fee for Detail Horoscope Reading is Rs 300


Sir your astrological predictions regarding my second marriage is proving correct, but the counseling I got from you at most critical time in my life following my divorce, made me at relax much.

Jayanto, Khidirpur, Kolkata.
I was in total depression and a friend suggested your name. I consulted you and followed your guidance and today I am happily married and working in a multi-national company. Thank You.

Sukanta, Sonarpur, Kolkata.
Thank you so much for the astrological guidance. You filled me with hope where I needed it most and your predictions are all correct. I really appreciate the extra time and effort you gave me.

Arindam, Kalighat, Kolkata.