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Numerology Introduction

Numbers are in use well before the spoken language. We can find records to prove that the Science of Numbers was in use over 8,000 years ago. Proof can be found in the Indian Vedas, Chinese books, the Hebrew Kabala compiled by the Rabbis of the Jews, and the Egyptian Rituals of the Dead. Every number carries with it a vibration and power with which the character and events of life are subtly and decisively influenced.
Numerology is the study of the occult significance of numbers and letters. In analyzing one's name and date of birth, Numerology is a tool to help us understand the potential strength in vibration of numbers derived from our name and date of birth. The name coupled with the date of birth contains in it the complete character and destiny of the individual. Being born on a particular time is not merely by chance, but in order to learn certain lessons and perform certain tasks. Each number has both a positive and a negative effect with which the individual is endowed.
Numbers 1 to 9 are called the Base Numbers
Numbers from 10 onwards are called Compound Numbers
The numbers 11 and 22 are called Master Numbers and are not reduced to single digit of 1+1=2 and 2+2=4.
In study of Numerology we have to look into five major types of number.

  1. Talent or Birth Force or Life Path Number.
  2. Your Heart or Soul number.
  3. Your Personality or Appearance number.
  4. Your Destiny or Expression number.
  5. Ultimate Number.
  6. Challenge Numbers.

Talent or Birth Force or Life Path Number
The Life Path number refers to the total of the complete birth date including month and the year. Life Path number symbolizes the characteristics that we will bear with us all through our life as this number can never be changed. While calculating the Life Path Number, we need to add the date, month and year of birth and make then into a single digit number.
Heart or Soul Number
Every syllable has a vowel. The sum of the vowels of our original full name at birth is our Ambition or Soul Number. It represents your inner nature, that which we are. It indicates our sub-conscious or secret desire, our ideals - which we desire most in life either to do, be, or have. It is our ambition or goal, our soul's urge, our attitude toward people and things, our motive for doing certain things, and our point of view. The chief vowels are A-E-I-O-U.
Personality or Appearance Number
The sum of the consonants of your original full name at birth is your Personality or Appearance number. Consonants are the letters, which remain after the vowels have been removed. This is often termed your physical or outer self. This is the impression about you, which is made to other people’s subconscious, how you look to them, and how you want to impress them.
Destiny or Expression Number
The sum of all of the letters of your original full name at birth, adding each name separately and reducing this to a single digit, is the Destiny or Expression number. It is more important to know your destiny or expression number than any other number as it indicates what vibrations affect you as an individual and how you act or express yourself. The destiny number represents the sum of your natural capacities or talents, and shows the tools with which you have to work in order to succeed or be most comfortable. This is your mental capacity, your method of thinking. Only through your destiny or expression can you attain your goal.
Ultimate Number
This number is calculated as the sun of Destiny Number and Talent Number reduced to a single digit or a Master Number.
Challenge Numbers
This is not a number but a series for Four Numbers know as First Challenge Number, Second Challenge Number, Third Challenge Number and the Fourth Challenge Number.

Numbers Alphabets Ruling Planet Positive Effect Negative Effect
1, 10, 19, 28 etc. A, J, S Sun
courage, initiative, creative, leadership & vitality

arrogance, cruelty, conceit, pomposity & aggression
2, 11, 20, 29 etc. B, K, T Moon
patience, sympathy, receptivity, protective & good memory

touchiness, worry, timidity, moodiness & shyness
3, 12, 21, 30 etc. C, L, U Jupiter
expansive, knowledgeable, humorous, optimism & enthusiasm

extravagance, bigotry, indulgence, fanaticism & smugness
4, 13, 22, 31 etc. D, M, V Rahu
systematic, efficiency, responsible, industrious, & determination

lack of imagination, stubbornness, argumentative, inability to relax & dominating
5, 14, 23 etc. E, N, W Mercury
brilliance, alertness, articulateness, versatility & dexterity

skepticism, nosiness, indecision, criticalness & restlessness
6, 15, 24 etc. F, O, X Venus
harmony, devotion, refinement, affection & responsiveness

laziness, indifference, self-indulgence, superficial & flirtatious
7, 16, 25 etc. G, P, Y Ketu
analytical, investigative, philosophical, meticulous & perfectionist

reserved, inadaptability, eccentricity, wariness & unsocial
8, 17, 26 etc. H, Q, Z Saturn
patience, efficiency, hard working, wisdom & business ability

over ambitious, materialism, lack of emotions,
9, 18, 27 etc. I, R Mars
humanitarian, generosity, broad-minded & creative talents

impulsive, headstrong, selfish, possessive & intolerant
11 Master Number
humanitarianism, inspirational energetic, intuitive, & prophetic

over sensitivity, nervousness, impracticality, reserved & perverted
22 Master Number
mastermind, capable, wise, creative, spiritual & luminary

jealousy, malevolence, inner conflict, cruelty & restless

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