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Rudraksha literally means Rudra’s or Lord Shiva’s eye. Rudraksha is considered to be the most potent manifestation of the Cosmic Force. These beads are the seeds of the Rudraksha fruit obtained from Rudraksha trees. There are clefts or vertical lines across the surface of Rudraksha called mouth or Mukh and this is the basic criteria in determining its type. Thus a Rudraksha is classified by the number of lines it has, like Four Mukhi, Five Mukhi or Six Mukhi etc. Rudraksha trees are mostly found in South Eastern Asian in Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Indonesia, Nepal and Parts of India.

Mythology behind origin of Rudraksha

Tarakasur was a powerful King of Asuras or the Demons. He had three sons Vidyunmali, Tarakaksha and Viryavana. Tripurasura is a collective name given to these three demons. They performed very difficult penance or tapasya for hundreds of years and as a result Lord Brahma appeared before them for granting a boon. They asked for immortality, which Lord Brahma refused, then they asked for three cities or puras to be built in the sky, each having a different orbit in space and they will only come in straight line once in every thousand years. It is only then when these three cities or puras will be in straight line, they could be destroyed and that too by a single arrow. Tripurasuras now were convinced that they cannot die before thousand years and even after that no single arrow is powerful enough to destroy three huge cities at once, begin to engage in cruel deeds. On the prayers of all the gods, Lord Shiva decided to kill these Asuras and destroy their flying cities. Lord Shiva then engaged in meditation with half-closed eyes for a long time and when he finally opened his eyes, a divine weapon known as Pashupati Astra appeared and with this Lord Shiva destroyed Tripurasuras and their three cities. It is due to the stress caused by meditation with half-closed eyes, tears came out Lord Shiva's eyes and when they fell on Earth, they turned into Rudraksha Trees.

How to wear Rudraksha

Rudraksha should be worn after keeping it in milk for purification for 1 hour. It should be worn within first hour after sunrise after having bath on Monday the day of its ruling deity Lord Shiva or on Rohini, Hasta or Shravana Nakshatra days ruled by Moon. It should be worn while reciting the mantra "Om Namaha Shivaya" 21 times. Rudraksha must be taken off and placed in Puja room while drinking alcohol, going to cremation grounds, while visiting a new born baby and having copulation. Females should not wear the Rudraksha during their menstrual cycle. Rudraksha should be cleaned periodically as dust and dirt can get in the pores of the bead. The thread holding the Rudraksha should be changed once in six months.


Rudraksha Ruling God Ruling Planet Personal Benefit Health Benefit Price

1 Mukhi
Shiva Sun Spiritual Growth, higher state of consciousness and peaceful life, materialistic detachment. Thrombosis, kidney stones, respiratory, heart eyes and skin diseases, fistula, dyspepsia, night blindness. Rs.1000

2 Mukhi
Ardhnareeshwar Moon Better family life, stable relationships and friendship, promotes family unity and removes the differences of opinions. Heart and lung diseases, leukemia, liver, breast problem, loss of memory, infections and diseases of the urinary system. Rs.1000

3 Mukhi
Agni Mars Removes inferiority complex, anger, depression, anxiety, confusion, fear, guilt, laziness and promotes happiness and balanced mind. Infection of the blood, blood pressure, cholera, ulcer, weakness, disorders of the sex and adrenal glands and cold (practically used in all health problems). Rs.200

4 Mukhi
Brahma Mercury It increases wit, intelligence, concentration and creative power. It promotes learning and knowledge, especially well for students, scientist, artist, writer and journalist. Diseases of ear, throat and nose, paralysis, sexual problems, gall bladder diseases, memory loss, all mental ailments, diseases affecting hands, arms, lungs and thyroid gland. Rs.200

5 Mukhi
Kalaagni Rudra Jupiter It is good for controlling high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, emotional imbalance, memory loss, depression, anxiety and is said to protect against Aakal Mrityu or untimely death. Diseases of the liver, fistula, acidity, blood pressure, breast ailments, problems of thighs, vertebral column and for memory, inflammability and cardiac problems. Rs.50

6 Mukhi
Kartikeya Venus It gives fame, energy and courage and is good for leadership qualities and management skills. It gives success in research, investigation and is favorable for Legal problems and relationships. Problems of throat, neck, kidney, sex organs, thyroid, sexuality, dropsy, urinary and eye diseases, conceiving problem, indigestion, arthritis and for all obstruction in veins/nerves. Rs.200

7 Mukhi
Mahalaxmi Saturn It gives good health, success in business, financial prosperity, protects investments and well balanced mind. This Rudraksha can be kept in safe, lockers or cash box. Weakness, stomach ache, paralysis, epilepsy, dumbness, impotence, abortion, problems in women, arthritis, purification of sperms and flow of ojas (divine energy). Rs.200

8 Mukhi
Ganesh Rahu It removes obstacles, interruptions, limitations and impediments on the way to success. It gives intellect, knowledge, improved finances and success. Diseases of nervous system, prostrate, gall bladder and lungs, fear of snakes, cataract, hydrosil and breathing problems. Rs.2000

9 Mukhi
Durga Ketu This Rudraksha gives the Divine protection from the Goddess Durga and it protects against anything that might harm the wearer. It promotes self power, courage, endurance and strength. Diseases of brain, lungs, breasts, sexual organs, abortions, conceiving problems, epilepsy, eye problems. Rs.2000

10 Mukhi
Vishnu None The Ten Mukhi Rudraksha contains positive influence of all planets and ten directions. It is used to destroy negative Karma, effects of jealousy, legal problems, evil eye and insomnia. Fear of someone standing behind, insomnia, conceiving problems, hear diseases. Rs.1700

11 Mukhi
Hanuman None It makes wearer strong and healthy, helps in practicing meditation and spiritual activities, gives stability in business, and destroys lack of self confidence and fear of unknown. Heart problems, blood pressures, diabetes. Rs.2500

12 Mukhi
Sun Aum Kraum It is good for those how suffer from lack of direction in life, recognition, respect, relationship and friends. It removes worry, fear and gives confidence, prosperity, knowledge and pleasures. All diseases of the skin, heart, eyes and nose and blood pressure. Rs.3500

13 Mukhi
Indira Venus The Rudraksha fulfills earthly desires, gives charm, attraction to opposite sex and improves sexual performance. It improves oratory, writing and convincing powers. Problems of throat, neck, kidney, sex organs, thyroid, sexuality, dropsy, urinary and eye diseases, conceiving problem, indigestion, arthritis, all obstruction in veins/nerves and psychiatric disorders. Rs.6000

14 Mukhi
Hanuman Saturn It awakens the sixth sense and power to see the future. It protects against unfortunate happenings, calamities, miseries and worries and provides with safety and riches. Weakness, stomach ache, paralysis, epilepsy, dumbness, impotence, abortion, problems in women, arthritis, purification of sperms, flow of ojas (divine energy), increase in secretions of eight charka (Vishnu). Rs.12000

15 Mukhi
Lord Pashupati None This represents Lord Pashupati and is especially beneficial for economic progress. Its possessor is neither bereft of wealth nor inflicted by any kinds of skin diseases. Diseases of the heart, eyes, all general diseases, disorders of the lymph and throat area. Rs.12000

16 Mukhi
Victory None It represents victory and the possessor is never affected by heat or cold. It is especially useful for the saints living in jungles. The house in which it is kept is free from fire, theft or robbery. Mental disorders, epilepsy. Rs.12000

17 Mukhi
Vishvakarma None It represents Vishvakarma the builder of this world. It is very effective in gaining unexpected money. It is especially useful in attaining property, vehicles and all physical assets. Stomach ache, skin diseases, ulcer. Rs.12000

18 Mukhi
Mother Earth None It represents the mother earth. The possessor remains happy and healthy. It is especially beneficial for the pregnant women in protecting their child. Abortions, healthy child upbringing. Rs.12000

19 Mukhi
Lord Narayana None It represents Lord Narayana. The possessor is bestowed with all worldly pleasures. There is no scarcity in their life. For sexual disorders and various incurable diseases. Rs.13000

20 Mukhi
Vishwasu Sadhu & Narayan None The wearer of this Rudraksha is known for his words. He always speaks truth and his wordings become truth. This Lord Shiva blesses them with 21 mukhi Rudraksha and removes their sins. It provides Moksha (liberation) in the end. Diabetes, deafness and diseases as a result of planetary positions and to get power of eye. Rs.13000

21 Mukhi
Ek Alakh Niranjan that is Omkar None It is the creator and dose preservation of the universe and it is the past, present and future itself. This Rudraksha belongs to each and every Shakti (power). All God and Goddess live in this Rudraksha. The wearer of this Rudraksha gets all the comforts, leisure and happiness. To retain male power and to maintain or enhance fertility. Rs.13000

Gauri Shankar
Shiva & Parvati Moon A Gauri Shankar is a two naturally joined Rudraksha and is the unified form of Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati. It promotes peace and unity in the family, removes difficulties in conception, child bearing and child birth.   Rs.1300

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