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Astrology Training Institute in Kolkata at Astro Home by Sanjay Sharma – Advanced Stellar Astrologer.
Regular astrology classes and astrology tuitions are conducted daily in person and this is not an online astrology course.

What is Astrology?

Astrology (‘Astro’ = ‘Celestial objects’ and ‘Logy’ = ‘Study’) is an art as well as science which studies and decodes the effects of celestial and heavenly bodies like planets, stars, natural satellites and constellations on living beings as well as on Mother Nature.

Astrology is broadly classified into two parts:

(1) The Calculation Part
(2) The Predictive Part

The Predictive Part is further subdivided into

(a) Natal or Birth Horoscope Astrology Predictions
(b) Relationship or Synastry Astrology Predictions
(c) Medical Astrology Predictions
(d) Spiritual and Past Life Astrology Predictions
(e) Mundane or Geopolitical Astrology Predictions
(f) Horary Astrology Predictions

Why Learn Astrology?

Astrology can teach anyone one’s place in universe, to know purpose of one’s life, to access nature and character of anyone and of course to foresee future events.

Who Can Learn Astrology?

Every one cannot learn astrology. Only if you are destined to learn, you will. No matter if you are intelligent or not, wealthy or not, have plenty of time to learn or not or even having a teacher or not! Therefore there is no guarantee that every one approaching me for learning astrology will become my student. To learn astrology you have to have a burning desire to unlock mysteries of cosmos; a desire strong enough to be compared with desire for gasping for air under water.

Astrology Course Structure and Fee

Astrology is my passion, hobby and livelihood. I teach Astrology to one person at a time, giving full attention and concentration. If you desire to learn astrology and once I decide to teach astrology, I will teach as per your convenient day and any time but at my place. One time admission charges Rs. 500.

For 2 days per week fees Rs. 4000 per month
For 3 days per week fees Rs. 5000 per month

Basic Astrology Course – 5 to 6 months depending on your capability.

Professional Astrology Course – 2 to 3 months after Basic Astrology Course.

Five Astrology Software and Astrology Study Materials will be provided.

My fees are high and you can find astrology training centers in Calcutta or astrology course conducted in Calcutta at one fifth of my fees.

Astrology Course Curriculum

Introduction to Astrology
Astrology Basics
Astrology Symbols
Astrology Zodiac Signs
Astrology Planets
Astrology Houses
Astrology Aspects
Birth Horoscope Interpretation – Basic
Sun and Moon Combinations
Astrology Transits
Horoscope Interpretation – Intermediate
Astrology Progression
Astrology Solar Arc
Astrology Mid Points
Horoscope Interpretation – Advanced

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I took astrology classes here 6 years ago and although I have a BE and B Tech degree, I am pursuing astorlogy as profession and earning much more than I could have earned as an engineer. Thank you Sir.

Kalyani, Bagbazar, Kolkata.
I hope you remember me, I did not have my exact time of birth so consulted Tarot Cards from you. Everything is turning out as you predicted regarding my relationship as well as career.

Jhumi, Park Circus, Kolkata.
Sir your Tarot predictions regarding my future husband and marriage turned out be perfect. He is indeed an Army officer. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and relatives.

Supriya, Girish Park, Kolkata.